Let me show you how you are specifically designed to generate wealth this year...
Getting ahead in your finances requires a deep understanding of YOURSELF.
30 Minute Wealth & Destiny Outlook Reading
vALUE: $330   $99
When people ask me why I use Chinese Metaphysics to plan my entire year, I ask them, why are there people out there that get paid top dollar to understand trends. 

You are literally given a PERSONALIZED, strategic blueprint at birth to help you navigate the time you are here on Earth. Think of this reading as a forecasting tool and an upper hand. 90% of people out there don't take advantage of this energetic map (because they don't even know about it) and miss out on profound opportunities that could potentially change the trajectory of their life. Co-create with the Universe today by booking a private 1-1 consultation with me. 
discover how you will strategically position yourself for money opportunities
We are all created differently and based off of your birthdate, I can pull up your energetic blueprint and see how you are strategically designed to make money. Money is a form of energy just like we all are. Be prepared to have an unfair advantage in your finances!
what to look out for this year to avoid setbacks and understand how compatible you are with 2021
Life force (Qi) changes every single year. There is a reason why certain events and new trends keep happening. Because energy is cyclical in nature, in a reading, I can see how you match to the current year and what to absolutely look out for to take advantage of your presented circumstances. 
become more attractive in your working, social, and intimate relationships
Relationships are the forefront to our success and a pivotal reason why we are even here in the first place. However, most people do not know how to communicate or influence in a way that deepens their relationships. What if I were to tell you that we can look into making you magnetic in your relationships so you can reach your next level of success?
What I'll Need From You:
  • Your time and date of birth: Ask your mom to pull up your birth certificate. If you absolutely don't know the time you were born, the reading wont be as accurate but will still give you a lot of information on how to implement the current year. 
  • ​Block out 30 minutes of uninterrupted time: Please do not book a call if you wont be mentally with me. My time is valuable and so is yours, let's respect each others time
    and energy.

  • ​Your biggest struggle you'd like to overcome this year: I like to teach my clients to do everything with clear intentions. Please come onto the call knowing what you'd like to overcome this year and what you'd like to bring in.
    This will bring more clarity to our session.


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