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What if you are already standing on gold and
all you have to do is activate it?

Stop Chasing, Start Attracting, is a book about getting into alignment with your money mission so that you can create a life by design; one that attracts even more money, abundance and opportunities. With my background in Chinese Metaphysics, I created a formula called the Cash Flow Trinity™ that has helped my clients and students become an energetic match to money. In fact, I talk about it extensively in my new book all at the same time, going beyond  the Law of Attraction so that you can discover metaphysical tools that will have you vibrating at a higher level! 
After all, everything is a vibration before it becomes a manifestation. 

In my bestselling book, you'll find...

  • The truth about money and why you may be overestimating your ability to attract it. 
  • ​How our environment is like a 3D vision board and how to set it up strategically for even greater abundance.
  • ​Why your mindset is simply not enough and how to implement on your goals for the long-run instead of depending on sheer motivation.
  • ​The true meaning behind Yin and Yang. (No it's not just about opposites)
  • ​Why "effortless action" can be more powerful than hustle.
  • ​How to harness the energy in your environment to increase your cash flow.

Who is Kristen Noelle?

Kristen Noelle is an award-winning transformational mindset and business coach, speaker, and entrepreneur, who helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers release their money blocks so that they can effortlessly quantum leap into the next level of their life and business. She has helped hundreds of her clients double their income in a matter of months, using her proprietary three pillar method the Cash Flow Trinity™. 

Kristen is also a certified Business and Feng Shui Consultant and has an extensive background in both marketing and Chinese Metaphysics. Kristen's deepest mission is to help all visionaries step into their soul's purpose so that they can make the income and impact they were placed here to make. 


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